Homework is an important element of the learning and teaching process, which enables children to practise and consolidate recently completed or current work. In addition it supports home/Academy links by giving you information about the curriculum and the opportunity to talk to the children about their learning.

 How you can help

In Reception, children will bring home sound cards and reading books to practise their reading skills. Initially they will be encouraged to recognise and sound out sounds and to blend these sounds together into simple words.   As their skills develop, books will be sent home for the children to practise their skills and begin to develop early comprehension.  Discussing your child’s book and sounding out the different words will support them in their learning and development.

Key Stage 1 

Children will take home a guided reading book as well as a ‘home reader’ which may be slightly less challenging as the ‘guided book’.  We ask that parent’s listen to their child read and discuss the books at home as part of the daily routine.  This will improve comprehension skills as well as build confidence and fluency.

In addition, children will be given some Homework, usually this will be in the form of an activity to share with parents, or a creative challenge.  We ask that these be completed as and when appropriate.  On occasion, some specific homework may be given relating to a particular topic or subject and this should be completed and return to your child’s teacher when stated.

Key Stage 2

Children are expected to read a book for 15 minutes a day. This activity still needs to be shared with a parent. Alongside a variety of homework activities, the children may also be asked to carry out some informal research for the topic being covered in class.

Support your children by asking  about their homework and checking that he/she understands what to do and how to do it, but please do not do it for them.

Ensure work is completed on time and returned to their teacher.

Set aside some shared/family reading time

Please understand that homework is not always in the written form and that time spent in reading or in discussion with you is equally valuable. Although homework is important, please remember that after a busy school day children need time to relax and enjoy leisure activities. We also have weekly talk topics that are an opportunity for discussion and talk both in the Academy and at home.


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