Grandparent’s Beetle Drive 2016

Grandparent’s Beetle Drive 2016

On November 25th, our Year 4 children invited their Grandparents into school for an afternoon of fun and games playing Beetle together.

Mrs Cain was on the door to welcome everyone and there was a very big queue!

Some of our grandparents were Beetle experts, but it was new to most of our children and even some of the staff!

You had to roll a six to start then each number on the dice allowed you to draw a different body part. Once someone had completed their Beetle everyone stopped and then we started again on a new game.

At the end of the session we added all the scores up – each body part scored one point – and we had four winners. The two highest scoring children and the two highest scoring adults.

We shared a picnic together and then Year 4 treated us to a song all about volcanoes and even some rapping!

We had a great afternoon – Beetle was lots of fun.

Thank you to everyone who came along – it’s always lovely to meet our Grandparents. 

Special thanks to William, Ben and Lewis from Camera Club for all the lovely pictures.

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