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Regular school attendance is essential if your child is to maximise their educational opportunities.  Interruptions in school attendance not only disrupts your child’s education it makes it harder to catch up on work missed, and it can also affect their social life within school.

It is the school’s responsibility to provide the best education possible.  We can only do this if your child/ren attend regularly.

From September 2013 amendments to the 2006 School Attendance Regulations make it clear that Headteachers may not grant any requests for holidays in term time. 


  • All requests for leave in term time must be in writing on the Request for Term Time leave of Absence form available here to download and also from the Academy.
  • Any granting of leave does not set a precedent for similar future requests and the frequency/duration of such leave periods will be considered as factors in any decisions.
  • Requests will be considered by the Headteacher.
  • Any approved leave must be subject to a contract/agreement between parents and the school stating what leave has been granted and the pupil’s date of return to school.
  • Failure of a pupil to return by the agreed date may, after a further 10 school days, could result in that pupil being removed from the school roll.


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